Ungana's Interactive Ticket

Online event ticketing is fast, easy, and above all, convenient! Attendees confirm their presence with a click (or tap) of a button, and organizers rely on dashboards to accurately predict and track sales while gaining valuable customer insights in real-time. (Great, right?)

Events are social objects, meaning they spark conversation and create connections between people. Student events (in particular) create & inspire sub-culture communities, encouraging people with similar interests to interact. However (the not-so-great part), few online ticketing companies seem to appreciate or embrace this idea. Instead, they maintain one-sided organizer-to-attendee communication models, leaving attendees limited options to provide feedback so many flock dispersedly to different social media sites to share their experiences. Is this prickly? Yes, especially if your goal as a student organizer is to strengthen your interest-based community.

Events are social objects, meaning they spark conversation and create connections between people

Ungana is disrupting online ticketing at colleges and universities! Think of us as an events-based group chat where you can buy, sell, store and transfer tickets. We understand that plans can change, so our messenger invitation also acts as a natural secondary ticket market for students. Ungana provides a space to share content with other attendees - which helps strengthen group connectivity.

When we polled student organizers from various university clubs and societies across the UK, “making sure attendees have up-to-date information” was the highest-ranked factor for ensuring event success. Ungana encourages multi-path exchanges; organizers can relay important information directly (without resorting to pesky email notifications), attendees can get quick clarification allowing them to be nimble in their decision-making, and they can also engage in some event banter with each other.

Events are meant to be talked about – so we’re providing the space to talk about them!

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