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Ungana asked... and ChatGPT answered!

We jumped on the ChatGPT trend and asked the OpenAI tool what features it would recommend to measure and track event RSVPs and it responded with the following suggestions:

The app or website should have the ability to:

  1. Create and manage an event and invite guests

  2. Allow guests to RSVP and indicate their attendance status

  3. View a list of guests and their RSVP status

  4. Send reminders to guests who have not RSVPed yet

  5. Allow the host to manage the guestlist

  6. Track responses in real-time and provide updates to the host

  7. Integrate with other event planning tools such as a calendar or a do-to list.

Ungana’s MVP hits each point on the list confidently, which honestly - is a relief!

As our customer base grows we're constantly incorporating user feedback to build a platform that will disrupt the way people create, monetize, and interact with events.

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