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Respondez (ASAP) s’il vous plait!

Updated: May 18, 2022

In true ‘understand-your-customer-pain-point’ fashion, I planned a luncheon to test the Dynamic RSVP feature we plan on rolling out when we launch. There was no better excuse! A luncheon was the clear choice because I needed to understand how hosts/organizers would interact with guests and vendors.

Ironically, I wasn't prepared for just HOW stressful it is to chase after people for their responses.

What's an RSVP?

RSVP or respondez s’il vous plait literally means “please respond” the action is clearly defined in the message. However, so many people do the exact opposite and keep their presence a mystery. After scrawling through many a blog with nightmarish RSVP stories, the pervasiveness of the problem got me even more excited for our solution!

Most of us prefer to micro-adjust our schedules and solidify social plans as the meeting date approaches

RSVPing and the Pandemic

The pandemic highlighted the need for flexible planning. For smaller events, unless life changing, people tend to not want to anchor their plans to one date in the future. Most of us prefer to micro-adjust our schedules and solidify social plans as the meeting date approaches (which makes sense as to why people confirm plans very late in the game)

Can micro-adjusting RSVPs work for larger events (like weddings) that require more moving parts? According to the firm RSVPify, 50% of wedding RSVPs are received by week 5, IF hosts give their guests an 8-week window to respond (this obviously varies when you consider factors like age, culture, etc.) What is crucial though, is establishing a deadline. Without this firm cut-off date planning becomes even more of an ordeal for everyone involved.

Plans change, so should the way we RSVP!

Ungana’s chat user interface is central to our design and acts as a unique invitation. It includes an RSVP toggle that lets guests adjust their RSVP status up until the deadline for small and large events alike. This is helpful because:

  1. Hosts will be immediately notified when their guests receive their invitations.

  2. Hosts can choose “default yes” or “default no” RSVP options and have their guestlists managed automatically (no more crazy Excel spreadsheets).

  3. Hosts can make announcements to their guests simultaneously and information is centralized for all invited guests to see.

  4. Guests can swipe right to attend – and, if their plans change a simple swipe left updates the guestlist instantly.

If you want an efficient tool to manage people at any social gathering, Ungana has got you covered! We can’t wait to share what else we have been working on with you! 🚀🚀🚀

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